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Anonymous asked: The Judo club I go to was really good, b4 one of the head sensei's left. Now new people being promoted really quickly in the club. Example: people who began in July now have their yellow belts in less than a month, and for myself and many others it took us almost six months to get our yellow belts. The sense's no longer test for belts as well. What do you think? FYI I'm a blue belt, and I've been doing judo for 5 years & I know a yellow belt level as I helped coached the kids comp team.

I’m no expert in belt promotions but if someone is getting promoted to the next belt in less than three months (at the least), then theres a problem, or they’re really really good at judo (and I don’t think being really good at judo is the case here). Our sensei says that to get to a certain rank you need to be able to attain the amount of knowledge about judo, as well as fulfil the technical and physical capabilities expected for the rank, and being a certain rank for under a month (since you said they began in July and its still the middle of August) doesn’t allow you enough time to fulfil those requirements, especially the technical requirements. I think that there’s something wrong within the club, perhaps lack of money (I’m making the assumption they’re paying for the belt). 
**Personal Opinion** I can only imagine how annoyed you feel, because if our club started giving out ranks in under a month I would get upset as well cause Judo is a hard sport, and it takes a ton of time and effort and detection to get to the next rank. Theres this kid in our club who finally got their full yellow belt after being a half yellow belt for the last 9 months. That is pure hard work and detection right there. Getting a belt in under a month doesn’t give a person that feeling of achievement, honestly I think it just boosts their ego and makes them happy they got promoted fast. AND since these people who are getting promoted began in July, I highly doubt they have the technical requirements to become a yellow belt. 

Anyone else want to add to this? Please Please do. I really would like to hear what everyone else’s opinion is on this.