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Anonymous asked: what was the best birthday gift(s) you guys got for your birthday?

Hahahaha great question!
To be completely honest we both have no idea what the best birthday gift was because we’ve gotten so many awesome gifts! But on the list are sea monkeys! They were so cool! But ours didn’t live that long because we were 8 and had an unfortunate event occur (our aunt poured them down the sink), but they were really cool to have when they were alive. :D

Anonymous asked: I keep losing all of my matches, and it makes me really upset. I want to quit judo

Hey Anon,
Don’t quit judo just because you lose some matches! You should try to find out what exactly is stopping you from losing these matches in the first place. What I can suggest is try watching what your opponent uses as their main throws or techniques. Also learn combination throws because combination throws are way more useful and effective than using a throw by themselves since it lets you set up for one of your main throws. Also at judo class go with people who you don’t often go with, because they will require you to use techniques you don’t often use and make you think a little harder.
And finally, what every sensei says “BEND YOUR KNEES!”
Judo is a tough sport and it takes a lot of hard work. Don’t give up, you got this!

Anonymous asked: So my belt got drenched in blood the other night and I want to know if I would be allowed to wash it, because there's a thing that people say you never wash your belt...

Hey Anon,
lf your belt (or gi) gets drenched in anything at all wash it.
No one wants to be partners with someone who has their belt completely drenched in something… especially blood. I know there is a tradition that you never wash your belt because the dirt and sweat accumulated on the belt is the representation of your hard work and the commitment you’ve made to the martial art. However if something needs to be washed you wash it is respectful to everyone else in the club. Second by washing blood off your belt or gi it ensures that the mats and everyone else stay sanitary and won’t get sick from the blood left. Finally you’re the one who is going to have to wear the belt in the end and I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to be putting a belt drenched in anything, nevertheless blood on a clean gi. 
So go ahead and wash your belt.

Stay hydrated guys! 
Judoka Smurf anyone?